UW-Madison comPS

ComPS Resources

Coding Study Group

Monthly Meetings

  • Organize events and workshops
  • Listen to guest lectures
  • Networking opportunities
  • See the Calendar for times and locations


External Resources

Data Science Hub

  • Computational workshops and training
  • Connect to computational resources on campus
  • Office Hours at the WID:
    • Wed (9:30am-11:30am)
    • Thurs (3-5pm)

CHTC: Center for High-Throughput Computing

  • Scalable computing resources and services
  • Evailable to all UW-Madison researchers, free of charge!
  • Email support for quick feedback
  • Office Hours at the WID:
    • Tues (3-4:30pm)
    • Wed (9:30am-11:30am)
    • Thurs (3-4:30pm)

Need computational guidance but not working in plant science? Try ComBEE:
Computational Biology, Ecology, and Evolution (ComBEE)